Agile – we just keep trying to make it work!

3 Aug

In the summer of 2013, I must have been thinking about Agile approaches to development as I wrote two blogs on the topic:

I was interested to see that Martin Fowler released an article on yet another approach to fixing what is wrong with agile; the Agile Fluency Model. The article provides a good comprehensive write up on this approach. However, go back to look at the links in the above blogs. There are a number of amusing ones. This one from Martin Fowler titled Flaccid Scrum, and these two very amusing ones here and here.  They all refer to the same set of challenges facing how agile is implemented.

I am not sure I have anything to add to the debate. however, I do note that successful teams invariably: 1) involve a white board; 2) engage in lively and dynamic dialogue around the challenge; and 3)  have team members with an intuitive user centric understanding of the problems the team seeks to solve.

I guess I am also surprised that we are still talking about how to “do” agile!

Link to agile Fluency Model Diagnostic

Update: Interesting article here by Joshua Seckel 


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