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Analytics keeps moving closer to the data!

18 Oct


Note the list of partners – all have a background in visualization and analyst driven capabilities – not big data munging. Where does this leave the companies that are neither visualization, nor database companies? Companies like SAS.


Mary Meeker’s Latest Masterful Presentation On The State Of The Web

4 Jun

Thanks to BeSpacific for forwarding this article – lots of good interesting stats on the e-world…

Each year, Kleiner Perkins partner and former analyst Mary Meeker releases an in-depth look at the state of the web, and it’s always full of surprising stats.

The next thing – how visualizations interact with Big Data?

29 Jan

If big data is to be really useful for the masses, it needs to be distilled down to something that can be intuitively understood on mobile devices

Very positive outlook on the BI space – Cloud will bring it to the masses; visualization will make it understandable.

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