Business Framework for Analytics Implementation

14 Sep

Updated 9/14/20 with new links. It is a bit ironic that I linked to the Dataversity site, and they do not use persistent identifiers to label their data assets, so all my links are dead. Note to practitioners – if you are not using persistent identifiers your institutional knowledge captured in data assets lasts as long as the identifier!

I went looking for this deck as I was having a discussion on governance that is as old as the hills; essentially how do you link data governance activities to the business activity to address – why does data governance exist?

The other discussion that got me looking at this article again was how we go about building an operating model for organizations where the Governance team is doing more than responding to quality requests – how does the team proactively address data issues?

Both of these are tied to the article below. The Hoshin Framework (at least as it is presented below) ties strategic initiatives all the way down to identified data capabilities that can be addressed proactively to support the business strategy. 

A note on the spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is not for the faint of heart. The spreadsheet supports the thought exercise used to shape discussions and your communication with stakeholders. The key point to take away is that the spreadsheet gives you the ability to relate governance budget to strategic goals, funded programs, current project and metrics. Think of it as the audit worksheets – no one ever sees those, and the auditor reports out only the results.

Original Post.

In my previous post I discussed some analytical phrases that are gaining traction. Related to that I have had a number of requests for the deck that I presented at the Enterprise Dataversity  – Data Strategy & Analytics Forum.  I have attached the presentation here. NOTE: This presentation was done a few years ago while I was with CMMI (Now ISACA) as a result it is tied to their Data Management Maturity Model. I talked about analytics, and my colleague on the presentation addressed data maturity.

Also, while I am posting useful things that people keep asking for, here are a set of links that Jeff Gentry did on management frameworks for a Dataversity Webinar. Of particular interest to me was the mapping of the Hoshin Strategic Planning Framework to the CMMI Data Management Maturity Framework. The last link is the actual excel spreadsheet template.


  1. Webinar Recording: Here is link to deck.
  2. Link to Using Hoshin Frameworks. Hoshin is bigger than just this matrix, and is a heavy process for most people. However, the following gives you soem background:
  3. Hoshin Framework linked to DMM: Data Analytics Strategy and Roadmap Template 20160204D.xlsx


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