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Debate over NSA collecting information … can the media begin to report substantively?!!

7 Jun

So this business of the NSA collecting data should come as no surprise to anyone. The media is having a field day! The issue is whether or not the intel community is doing this legally. Has the FISA court done anything illegal? The court is guided by a set of rules that are mean to be transparent, known to the non-intel world, and approved by Congress. Did they follow these rules when allowing the NSA to collect what it collected? Did they restrict the use of that data appropriately? These are the questions — remember after 9-11 when everyone was asking (with outrage) why we had not connected the dots, but back to my area of concern…

CNN has pulled out their favorite privacy pundit – Jim Harper from the CATO Institute. Jim is well spoken, and very learned in the field of privacy and policy. However, he makes a statement in this interview that I find incredible – he says that collecting all the data from every American’s phone calls “can’t possibly be useful for link-based investigation.” Really, I cannot think of a better way of using phone call data than in linked based analysis. Methinks you need to stick with policy Jim!! Anyone out there care to explain this comment?

As a matter of policy, there are probably some questions to be answered.  The FISA courts have been criticized for approving everything without question. I would like the news agencies to focus on that, and whether or not the court is working as envisioned to protect our privacy.

Have a look at this post that is homeland security oriented – they are harvesting things differently here, but… same privacy concerns.


Analyst Desktop Binder – Interesting view of Social Media Exploitation

7 Jun

This is getting re-posted given the noise about the NSA collecting personal data


Interesting reading – especially if you have done work in the fusion centers

Much noise was made of the words that are searched within media – This is a pretty long list and what it says to me is that there must be a significant amount human intervention and I would think an awful lot of “noise”.

Hard to believe that this is that effective without knowing more about underlying capabilities, but my guess is that this is only a step above Googling those terms!

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