Aggregate Persistence &; Polyglot Persistence!

9 Jun

Gotta love the consultant speak!!

This short article provides an interesting perspective on how NoSQL differs from a data storage perspective, and why that is important. The article also points out that storing data on large clusters is very efficient from a storage perspective, but NOT if the data is relational in nature. In order to look at data across clusters efficiently, one needs to reorganize the data – this is where MapReduce comes in. Mapreduce is great at reorganizing data to feed a particular tasks – from my perspective a critical need for the analytical communities.

This links to a notion of “Polyglot Persistence” which accepts the notion that data will be stored in multiple mediums as new ways of persisting data evolve. I find this interesting as this mirrors what we are seeing today. Customers have Operational Data Stores – usually relational, and yet seek to perform tasks that are complicated by: 1) the size of the data, and 2) the constraints placed on how the data can be evaluated or analyzed by the data model or architecture. This motivates an exploration of new approaches; hence the discussions industry is having on NoSQL (or to use the buzzwords: Hadoop; Mapreduce; Big Data).

I may have simplified this a bit – apologies. At the end of the day, we are seeing a sea change in how organizations deal with data to more effectively apply it to the diverse needs demanded by the business side of the house. Explaining how organizations must change, but do so in a controlled risk reduced manner is the challenge.

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