Microsoft Powerpivot

17 Feb

Microsoft Powerpivot

I have always thought that Tableau was initially just a cool way to create Excel pivot tables and populate the results in a graphic – something you can do in Excel, but was  a lot easier in Tableau. Is Powerpivot the  MS answer to these tools that have leveraged excel, but have not used the excel visualization capabilities or been willing/able to write the VB code to get Excel to do what you want it to do?

I do not have Office 2013, but look forward to playing with this when I do.


Another reason why Data Management and Analysts cannot lead separate lives

14 Feb

Another reason why Data Management and Analysts cannot lead separate lives

I found this article interesting in that it points out why the bridge between the data side of the house and the analytical side must be well established – if the data team implements a design that does not support analytics, it has material impacts. I know this is blindingly obvious, but ….

I have recently been in a number of discussions where the attitude was we are going to build the data warehouse using best practices and years of experience, and it really does not matter what you are going to do with the data. I know it crazy, but… you know what I am talking about – we see it all the time.

The article itself tests performance on a columnar versus relational approach to persisting data, and has some surprising results – 4,100% improvement! I would be interested in other studies that have looked at the difference between different data architectures when performing analytical tasks.


It is about what you do with the data!!

7 Feb

Hadoop and Big Data – it is about what you do with the data!!

Some good videos from TechTarget and Wayne Eckerson – for a data guy he talks a lot about analytics.


Is this the rebirth of Sybase?

2 Jan

Is this the rebirth of Sybase?

Sybase + Hana a potentially powerful combo?


Success of TSA’s Risk-Based Security Focus Hard To Gauge

14 Dec

Success of TSA’s Risk-Based Security Focus Hard To Gauge

I like the idea of randomizing the approach. TSA says it is to keep the staff awake. however, it also serves to look at things from a new angle, and potentially identify new issues.


Palantir’s marketing machine never ceases to amaze me!

11 Dec

Well Palantir has done it again – check out this article . I like this product, and the folks that built it have done a good job. however, it never ceases to amaze me at how well they market. Have you been to the web site – ? Plenty of videos and glossies, but little technical information – A polar opposite to the SAS web site – . I am not sure of the technical or product underpinning of the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) that Raytheon put together, but it appears that it may be heading the way of other “Big Bang” approaches . If anyone has any insights into the products underlying the DCGS let me know. But back to my point – Palantir gets a shout out from the Army, and they are the only company mentioned – nice. You cannot pay for that kind of marketing.

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